COPD Foundation Grants

COPD Foundation Grants COPD Foundation Grants

COPD Foundation Grants – Overview

COPD Foundation grants focus on preventing and curing COPD to improve the lives of the people affected by it.

COPD Foundation is a global organization that accomplishes its mission by mobilizing partnerships between patients and their families, health care providers, academic institutions, investigators, industry, and government agencies.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) affects 15-20 million Americans and over 300 million people worldwide.

COPD Foundation grants have led to real progress in awareness, education, advocacy, and research; however, much more needs to be done.

COPD Foundation Grants - Equipping COPD patients to Self-Manage

COPD Foundation Grants – Aim & Strategies

COPD Foundation Grants – Aim & Strategies

The mission of the COPD Foundation is to make COPD treatments more effective and provide expanded services at affordable prices for patients. The aim is to improve the lives of COPD patients and related disorders by:

  1. Equipping COPD patients to self-advocate and self-manage so that they can control their care and their lives.
  2. Educating and providing health care professionals with the required tools that can help patients reach their individual goals.
  3. Assisting in connecting partners to accurate, patient-centered, and unbiased information.

The Foundation carries out numerous education, advocacy, prevention, and research programs that serve patients, their families, and health care provider populations.

COPD Foundation Grants - Other Funding Foundations

COPD Foundation Grants – Key Programs

COPD Foundation Grants – Key Programs

COPD Foundation grants provide funding to implement, expand, or sustain COPD programs. Let’s learn about the COPD Foundation programs.

  • COPD Patient-Powered Research Network (PPRN)

The COPD Patient-Powered Research Network is a patient-reported registry. It gives an opportunity to engage in survey-based research and acts as a platform for patients to learn about research opportunities.

COPD patients and those at high-risk for COPD can choose to enroll in the COPD PPRN.

The research enables patients, researchers, and clinicians to interact directly. This allows to determine research priorities focused directly on the needs of the patient, and thus, the research becomes more patient-centered.

The COPD PPRN also includes annual survey opportunities on topics such as pulmonary rehabilitation and vaccinations. For more information, visit

  • BRIDGE Project

The COPD Foundation’s BRIDGE project focuses on patients and caregivers with the goal of:

  1. Developing a patient/caregiver prioritized COPD research agenda.
  2. Identifying and expanding materials to support COPD patients/caregivers as researchers on research teams.
  3. Developing surveys to measure the impact and success of involving COPD patients and caregivers as research members.

The BRIDGE project is funded and supported by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)h. The aim is to develop tools and methods that can be adapted to serve groups with chronic conditions. For more information, visit

  • The Bronchiectasis and NTM Research Registry (BRR)

The Bronchiectasis and NTM Research Registry is a consolidated database of non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis and NTM patients from clinical institutions in the United States.

The registry’s purpose is to foster collaborative research and support in planning multi-center clinical trials that can provide treatment for non-CF bronchiectasis and NTM lung disease.

For more information, visit

  • BronchandNTM360Social

BronchandNTM360social is an online community for patients affected by Bronchiectasis and NTM. It includes patients, caregivers, physicians, and healthcare providers.

It works as an online home and a comfortable venue where the communities can share their thoughts and ideas, start discussions, ask questions, read and comment on blogs.

BronchandNTM360social is utilized to obtain patient feedback on research priorities and preferences for treatment. For more information, visit

COPD Foundation Grants – Other Foundations Funding COPD programs

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is an avoidable and treatable disease. Many foundations provide funding to implement, expand, or sustain COPD programs.

These foundations have various interests ranging from improving access to care in underserved areas, improving health outcomes among specific populations, and supporting innovative healthcare delivery models.

Foundations and nonprofit organizations funding COPD programs or research include:

  • CHEST Foundation

The CHEST Foundation offers grants annually to generous community service volunteers, worthy research candidates, and distinguished scholars. For more information, visit

  • Hearst Foundations

The Hearst Foundations fund programs to meet the evolving healthcare demands. The grants are offered to support medical research, enhance skills and increase the number of practitioners, develop young investigators. For more information, visit

COPD Foundation Grants - To Prevent and Stop the Progression of COPD

COPD Foundation Grants – To Prevent & Cure COPD


The COPD Foundation grants are offered for scientific research, education, and awareness.

The foundation has developed partnerships all over the U.S. and outside to encourage support and implement its programs.

The online presence and expansion of COPD360social increases its scope and unifies these efforts.

The COPD Foundation possesses various backgrounds with high levels of expertise, including medicine, respiratory therapy, biotech, research, advocacy, and education.

The goal is to prevent and stop the progression of COPD so that people can live better lives.

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