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Columbia Medical Practice

Columbia Medical Practice (CMP) is a full-service practice. It includes dedicated and experienced primary care physicians.

These healthcare experts work with patients to maintain and improve overall health.

The medical centers under Columbia Medical Practice have been established to provide top-quality healthcare for your entire family, for every medical need, and at every stage of life.

Physicians at Columbia Medical Practice provide comprehensive healthcare services to patients.

The overall atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. These physicians also focus on educating patients so that collaboration can help achieve the best results.

The Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) is not part of the Columbia Medical Practice. CUIMC is an academic medical center in New York City, while Columbia Medical Practice refers to a separate, specific healthcare provider in Maryland.

About Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC)

Columbia Medical Practice

Columbia Medical Practice – About Columbia University Irving Medical Center

The Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) is an academic medical center. CUIMC is affiliated with New York-Presbyterian Hospital but is not its largest campus; rather, it is one of the main locations where New York-Presbyterian provides clinical care in partnership with Columbia University.

This center covers several different colleges and research institutes.

These include the Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, the School of Nursing, and the College of Dental Medicine.

It also includes the Mailman School of Public Health and the New York State Psychiatric Institute and the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital.

Some several other renowned institutions and schools come under the leadership of CUIMC.

This medical center point was established in the 1920s. The campus was designed to accommodate a medical school and the Presbyterian hospital.

Initially, it was known as the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center (CPMC).

In 1997, the name was changed to the present one after the formation of the New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

This resulted in a merger of two medical centers, which were affiliated with Columbia University and Cornell University’s Weill Cornell Medical College.

The present name was assigned to the institute in 2016 in honor of former vice-chairman of Sysco, Herbert Irving.

It also holds the record for being the first to use the anti-seizure medication Dilantin to treat epilepsy. It is also renowned for successfully isolating the first known odor receptors in the nose.

The CUIMC has supported discoveries regarding memory storage in the brain.

It has also been involved in Nobel prize-winning developments, such as cardiac catheterization in 1956 and cryo-electron microscopy in 2017.

Columbia Medical Practice Services

Let’s take a quick look at the prominent healthcare services provided by the Columbia Medical Practice:

Family Medicine

The Columbia Medical Practice offers comprehensive care for the entire family, from children to seniors.

The physicians here work closely with the physician’s assistants and offer a comprehensive, seamless healthcare service for the entire family.

The prime healthcare services offered by the CMP Family Practice department include:

Medicare Welcome/Wellness Exam – Includes review of family medical history, current medications, blood pressure check, hearing test, vision test, health risk assessment, etc.

Urgent Care – Includes diagnosis and treatment of strains, sprains, eye/ear/throat infections, flu/colds, skin infections, sunburns, UTIs, upper respiratory infections, etc.

General Medicine – Includes routine physical examination, diabetes testing, hypertension, cancer screening, COPD, heart disease, allergies, asthma, EKG, work physicals, pulmonary function tests, GERD (acid reflux), bronchitis, STD screening, UTI, sinusitis, upper respiratory infections, etc.

Internal Medicine

The CMP offers a comprehensive internal medicine service to young adults and older.

Apart from the health services mentioned above, the internal medicine department at CMP also offers extensive patient education initiatives.

These include educating patients about heart health, breast cancer, smoking cessation, prostate health, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and caregiver support.


The CMP also offers an extensive pediatric healthcare service. The department is staffed with Board-certified physicians and certified nurse practitioners.

These are highly trained in providing excellent medical care to infants, children, and adolescents.

This department is designed to handle a child’s first visit, routine wellness check, and urgent child care services with exceptional excellence.

The physicians in this department aim to provide comprehensive, top-quality healthcare through strong relationships with patients and parents.

Apart from general pediatric services, the CMP is also renowned for providing prenatal counseling, chronic care management, and lactation counseling with CRNP.


The Columbia Medical Practice is a leading healthcare provider in Maryland. It offers a comprehensive healthcare package in different medical departments.

CMP has been a prominent leader in providing excellent healthcare for the entire family, from infants and children to senior citizens.

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