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DuPage Medical Group – Overview

DuPage Medical Group was founded by Dr. Robert McCray, a local surgeon and a visionary in healthcare. Dr. McCray’s efforts helped rejuvenate DuPage County’s healthcare practice and transform it into advanced, personalized healthcare infrastructure that was not readily available earlier, except at university medical or research centers.

Founding of DuPage Medical Group

Dr. McCray re-imagined the physician practice system in Glen Ellyn, Illinois back in the 1960s, when he had just started his career as a private-practice surgeon. The plan called to give local patients access to advanced healthcare specialists and other related medical services at a single location.

It was a groundbreaking idea then, as only 11 physicians practiced in Glen Ellyn and a handful of medical specialists. During such a period, Dr. McCray foresaw the numerous aspects of group practice in the 1960s, which have become commonplace today.

To realize his vision, Dr. McCray visited around 35 small and large medical facilities, including the prestigious Mayo Clinic (Minnesota), where he identified core elements that made a group practice successful.

The next step was taken when Dr. McCray partnered with several local physicians and surgeons and formed a team of licensed healthcare experts and specialists.

In August 1963, the group officially launched DuPage Medical Group in a 12,000 sq. ft. building and called it the Glen Ellyn Clinic, which was a tribute to their inspiration, the Mayo Clinic.

Innovation in Healthcare Industry

DuPage Medical Group

DuPage Medical Group – Healthcare Industry

On 1st September 1964, the Glen Ellyn Clinic opened its doors with 8 physicians, 15 nurses, and an extensive staff comprising well-trained lab technicians and administrative personnel. This clinic offered many innovative healthcare services, including an in-house laboratory, pharmacy, and on-site x-ray services.

Patients could visit the clinic during evening hours and had access to round-the-clock pediatricians and the urgent care departments at their disposal.

This was the first time that patients in DuPage County had easy access to such a vast range of specialty health care. The Glen Ellyn Clinic was renowned as the one-stop solution for health care and treatment. The clinic offered internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics, and gynecologists, along with pediatric and ancillary services.

The Glen Ellyn Clinic also introduced several administrative innovations in the region’s medical industry. For instance, it was one of the earliest multi-specialty healthcare clinics with expert physicians, skilled nursing staff, advanced medical records, and billing functions.

The clinic also became renowned for allowing younger physicians to get on board through partnerships. During the clinic’s first year, it served over 300 new patients every month during the clinic’s first year.

By 1970, DuPage County’s Glen Ellyn Clinic had more than 25 physician partners, while the clinic and lab space was doubled to 24,000 sq. ft. to accommodate the increasing number of patients.

Successful Growth of DuPage Medical Group

The Glen Ellyn Clinic continued to see increasing numbers of patients and staff throughout the early 1970s. As a result, the clinic added two new buildings to make space for many new medical specialists eager to be part of the clinic.

The arrival of new physicians gave the clinic an excellent opportunity to practice with experienced colleagues.

As a result, the clinic added several new specialties, such as neuro-surgery, thoracic surgery, cardiac surgery, invasive cardiology, and neonatology, to its services portfolio.

The 1980s favored the clinic’s growth by adding around 38,000 sq. ft. of clinic and lab space to include 16 specialties and sub-specialties. The group also expanded its operations and established similar clinics at Naperville and Bloomingdale that provided various health care services.

By the early 1990s, the Glen Ellyn Clinic was considered among the city’s largest employers, with 80 doctors and a supporting staff of over 480 technicians handling around 300,000 patient visits yearly. The clinic also had the distinction of owning one of the largest clinic-operated labs in Illinois, which performed over 100,000 tests on-site and more than 25,000 tests off-site.


DuPage Medical Group officially changed its name to Duly Health and Care in September 2021. The name change is designed to showcase their commitment to providing ethical healthcare practices.

Duly Health and Care is the biggest independent, multi-specialty physician-operated medical group in the entire Midwest. It has over 900 primary care and specialty care doctors, with over 6,000 team members spread over 150 locations across the country.

To know more details about DuPage/Duly Health and Care, you can visit their official website at https://www.dulyhealthandcare.com/.

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