American Heart Association Grants

American Heart Association Grants – Overview

The Healthcare Industry faces many challenges every day, and for that reason, it is always open to new research and innovations.

The AHA conducts regular research programs and clinical training to make surgeries and other heart-related treatments more affordable. American Heart Association Grants are for investigators working on different projects.

About the American Heart Association

The American Heart Association, also known as the AHA, is one of the largest not-for-profit funding sources in the United States.

The Association develops new treatments and devices to simplify and reduce the cost of treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular-related diseases.

American Heart Association - About

American Heart Association – About

The funding of AHA is helping thousands of researchers across the US. Most heart-related surgeries and treatments are expensive.

The treatment may cost thousands of dollars if you don’t have health insurance coverage. Therefore, researchers are working on new treatments to lower the costs.

History of American Heart Association Grants

The American Heart Association was founded in 1924. Since then, it has spent over $30 million and awarded over 80 grants.

They are constantly working to attract new donors who can add some extra funds to spend on the grants AHA offers for the investigators.

AHA Grants are for whom?

AHA helps researchers working on the research programs mentioned in their proposals.

They also fund researchers starting a new research program on the above subjects. After fulfilling the basic requirements, the Institute offers grant funding to investigators.

Areas Covered by the Investigators

Investigators who wish to receive American Heart Association Grants need to work in specific fields that prioritize patient outcomes.

Apart from that, the same researchers asked to invest their time researching things to help ordinary people.

AHA funds researchers in clinical research, genetics, epidemiology, data science, basic cell research, etc.

They also offer funds for pre-doctoral and postdoctoral applicants once they meet the basic criteria set by the association.

Key Elements to Know Before Applying for the Grant

Regardless of your background and field, you can apply for research grants from the AHA. Applicants must demonstrate preliminary data or progress in their research field to be considered for most grants.

The applicant must fulfill the following essential elements before he/ she can apply for the grant.

  • Make sure to include proper timelines for the research project.
  • The literature you add must be presented as a separate document.
  • The proposal pages can include graphs and other information.

The American Heart Association Grants work with batches. As they receive funds, they prepare a batch to invite the applicants working on their projects or who are willing to start a new project with a unique proposal.

Interestingly, a single applicant can apply for new grants multiple times.

AHA may offer extended funding and timelines through specific grant opportunities. Each submission acts as a new grant for the investigator.

Moreover, if an investigator works on two projects simultaneously, he can submit two grant applications simultaneously with different proposals.

The proposals must be unique so that both applications can receive approvals from the administrators.

If your purpose is meaningful, the AHA team will select your application. You will then receive the required funds to accomplish your project, which can help you live a respectful life in the future.

Many investigators have completed their projects and are working on reputed institutions and organizations.


You can apply as a new applicant if you are an investigator and want to apply for an AHA grant to support your research program and accomplish the project. Go to

To get your application approved, you must be an active AHA member.

AHA membership is not a prerequisite for applying for most research grants.

You can apply for the new membership online or by phone at 301-223-2307 or 800-787-8984.

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