What Countries Have Free Healthcare?

What Countries Have Free Healthcare – Overview

There are so many countries that offer free healthcare for their citizens and students. It can give you an opportunity to save money by reducing medical expenses.

Free healthcare also offers peace of mind and security that you and your family can be secure during any medical emergency.

Is Free Healthcare Actually Free?

No healthcare can be completely free. In those countries where you do not have to pay the healthcare bills after visiting a doctor or a hospital, most taxpayers of the country are paying it for you. To fund the entire system, the government takes a percentage of the income of working people.

In some other nations, people who receive medical care might have to make a small payment each time they use a medical service.

Why Do Countries Offer Free Healthcare Services for Their Citizens?

A country offers free healthcare services for its citizens for many reasons. Some of these countries offer free medical care to ensure every citizen has access to primary healthcare.

Some other countries offer it to improve the overall health of their entire population. Reducing the cost of health care can be another reason for doing it.

Which Country Offers the First Free Healthcare?

In 1948, the United Kingdom implemented NHS or National Health Service to deliver free healthcare for every resident of Wales and England.

The NHS can be considered the world’s most comprehensive medical care system. The money for the NHS often comes from the taxpayers of the country.

Which Countries Offer Free Healthcare Services?

What Countries Have Free Healthcare

Which Countries Offer Free Healthcare Services?

There are so many countries that offer free medical care services for everyone.

1. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offers a universal healthcare system that covers the entire population. No one has to pay any charges for hospital stays or doctor visits. Prescription drugs are mostly subsidized here.

The public health insurance system does not include dental care. However, there are multiple benefits available for families with lower incomes.

2. Norway

Residents of Norway have access to a free national health system supported by domestic taxation.

The citizens can experience all healthcare services without cost, including doctor visits, hospital stays, preventive services, and prescriptions.

3. Argentina

Argentina also offers free healthcare for its residents. Here, every one can receive free medical care services only at public facilities.

4. Australia

In Australia, the healthcare system is based on the National Health Insurance Model. The country offers free hospital care for Australian and New Zealand citizens.

The permanent residents here who are enrolled in the program can also receive free healthcare services.

5. Austria

Austria has a health care system based on the Bismarck style to deliver universal medical care. Health insurance is mandatory for anyone who wants to stay here for more than six months.

6. Sweden

Citizens here are automatically enrolled in the National Health Insurance System. This National Health Insurance System covers a variety of medical services.

The citizens do not have to pay for hospital stays or doctor visits most of the time. However, they may need to make a small co-payment to buy some prescription drugs.

7. Denmark

Denmark offers a universal healthcare system that provides medical coverage for all residents. There is no charge for hospital stays or doctor visits.

However, dental care does not come under medical coverage. For some prescribed drugs, people may need to make a co-payment.

8. Canada

Canada has a National Health Insurance Model to offer healthcare for the citizens. Various provinces and territories manage Canada’s health care system. They offer coverage for hospital care, doctor visit, and lab tests.

9. Finland

The healthcare system in Finland is based on a universal healthcare system that offers medical care coverage to its residents.

None of the residents has to pay for hospital stays, doctor visits, and most prescription drugs. Dental care does not come under coverage, but there are some subsidies for families with low income.

10. New Zealand

New Zealand has a Beveridge model system. Citizens here must make small copayments for medications and primary care physicians.

There is no cost for hospital care services. In addition, emergency medical care is free for citizens, tourists, and residents who are injured in an accident.

11. Japan

Anyone staying in Japan for more than three months must enroll in a health insurance program. Here the residents can not choose their program; instead, the government assigns insurance plans to the residents.

Japan’s healthcare services require copayment if you are under some insurance coverage.

12. Netherlands

The Netherlands offers a universal healthcare system for the residents. There is no cost for hospital stays, doctor visits, and most prescription drugs. However, dental care is not included in the insurance coverage, but low-income families may have certain benefits.

Other Countries That Offer Free or Universal Healthcare

Here is a list of all the countries that offer free healthcare services. Medical care services in some of these countries may not be free. However, they have tried to make healthcare services as affordable as possible so that everyone can have access.

  • Belgium
  • Brunei
  • Bahrain
  • Cyprus
  • Germany
  • France
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Israel
  • Portugal
  • Kuwait
  • Luxembourg
  • Slovenia
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland
  • United Arab Emirates


Receiving a good healthcare service in case of any medical emergency is a basic need for everyone. Multiple countries offer free or affordable healthcare services to make sure that every member of their population can receive medical care and lead a healthy life.

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