Surgeon Who Branded His Initials Lost His Medical License

Dr. Simon Bramhall, a renowned British Surgeon who branded his initials to a female patient with a transplanted liver, lost his medical license.

The transplant surgeon had branded his initials on the patient’s liver in 2013. Dr. Simon Bramhall, who is 57 years of age has been terminated by the General Medical Council.

Bramhall had used the electric beam to transfer letters S and B into the patient’s organ i.e. on the liver. He had used his monogram on the liver transplant in women.

No one recognized this process until the next follow-up of the patient. Another surgeon identified it in the next week during the follow-up surgery due to failed transplantation of the organ.

Dr. Simon Bramhall had transplanted liver on a female patient in the year 2013 at Birmingham, England. Today, Dr. Bramhall has lost his medical license.

With this, he will not be able to further practice. He said that he was performing such activities to relieve his stress during the long-transplant operations.

Dr. Simon Bramhall was convicted for such unauthorized and illegal medical practice in 2017 and even fined for all the misdeeds he did.

An organization that reviewed all the complaints regarding the misdeeds done by Dr. Simon Bramhall in the United Kingdom determined that whatever Dr. Bramhall was borne out of a degree of professional arrogance.

He undermined people’s trust by performing such procedures without their consent or approval from the medical authority in England.

What was the Procedure for Branding the Initials?

According to official records, Dr. Bramhall used an argon beam coagulator which is a device commonly used during surgeries. This device was used to place his initials on the patient’s transplanted organs after a successful surgery.

What was the Procedure for Branding the Initials

What was the Procedure for Branding the Initials

The news reporters have found that the placing of initials was discovered by other surgeons upon a failed transplant of an organ that needs secondary surgery. They identified it during the follow-up surgery upon failed transplant of the liver.

According to news reports, Dr. Bramhall had performed this procedure multiple times during the transplantation surgery of a liver. He performed branding of his initials in February 2013 and in August of the same year. The tribunal service has also published the records.

Usually, electric beams are used by surgeons to stop bleeding during operations or surgeries. They also used the same beam to mark a particular area where the next surgery will be performed.

These marks usually disappear after some time. But in this case, it had damaged the transplanted liver by Dr. Bramhall.

The liver was not working and was unable to heal on its own which caused a failed transplant of the organ.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal reports that patients suffered from different types of mental health issues. The press coverage after this incident has put her in trauma.

Being one of the reputed and renowned transplant surgeons, Dr. Simon Bramhall had received many titles throughout his career. Besides being a consultant surgeon, he was a teacher at the University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust where he performed his duty as a lecturer.

Moreover, Dr. Bramhall was also a deputy director of the division of medicine at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. He was one of the most favorite surgeons among the surgeon’s community due to his remarkable journey and successful career throughout the years.

The Final Decision:

The Tribunal has decided to suspend the medical license of Dr. Simon Bramhall for five months. The Medical Practitioners Tribunal passed this judgment in December month of the previous year.

They have cited “professional arrogance of such magnitude that it strayed into criminal behavior” during their investigation of the complaints they received from their patients.

In April 2021, a new tribunal took up his case and found Dr. Simon Bramhall fit to practice transplant surgeries with his medical license. However, things went wrong for Dr. Bramhal recently.

His case was revisited by the General Medical Council and today, Dr. Simon Bramhall has been terminated from practicing as the Council has suspended his Medical License.

Dr. Simon Bramhall’s name has been removed from the Medical Register upon the suspension of his medical license.

What’s surprising here is that the General Medical Council and the entire authority had accepted the arguments of Dr. Bramhall.

They chose to engage with Dr. Bramhall is a year-long debate that came to an end on Monday as the General Medical Council has officially terminated/ suspended his medical license.

What we want from such incidents is quick action against the culprits and medical professionals who perform such duties without the consent of their patients.

Dr. Bramhall’s heinous violations make him guilty and he has no right to further practice in this field. He has lost all the titles which he received throughout his career.

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