5 Types of Physicians in High Demand

Physicians Currently in High Demand – Overview

One of the most significant decisions for medical students is choosing the type of specialty to practice. Many students ask their seniors and mentors this question after completing their medical studies.

There are over 120 medical specialties, such as family medicine and emergency medicine, and several surgical sub-specialties. This is where it becomes important to identify physician specialties in high demand.

The Growing Need For Doctors

You should choose a specialty that has a high demand in the healthcare industry but a low supply of talent.

As the country’s population grows and becomes older, there is an urgent need for more doctors to properly handle the growing medical needs of the populace.

An AAMC report predicts the US will face a significant shortage of 54,100 and 139,000 physicians by 2033.

The retiring doctors and the growing elderly population are the fundamental causes of this drastic disparity.

It is highly advised to follow your passion, as choosing a specialty is effectively an emotional decision.

This would be the best reward you can achieve after spending years studying and learning medicine.

Some of the most in-demand physician careers include primary care doctors specializing in women or elderly care, which are some of the most high-demand careers in healthcare service industry today.

According to studies, from the total number of students who completed AUC’s MD program, over 70% of graduates chose to get residency in primary care specialties.

Internal medicine and family medicine are among the most high-demand physician specialties, as confirmed by several industrial reports.

5 Most High Demand Physician Specialties

Physicians Currently in High Demand

Physicians Currently in High Demand – Highest Demand Physician Specialties

These are the five most high-demand physician specialties that are gravely needed today in urban and rural healthcare settings.

1 – Primary Care Physician

Primary care physicians usually work in internal medicine, family medicine, geriatrics and pediatrics.

They are responsible for providing the necessary primary resources, such as conducting routine medical exams, treating minor illnesses, prescribing medicines and managing chronic conditions.

Primary care physicians advocate for the patient and help coordinate the use of the complete health care system to benefit the patient, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Career counselors highly recommend training in primary care as this is one of the top high-demand physician specialties.

The average annual salary of primary care physicians in the United States is around US$ 205,930. At the least, you can make around US$ 141,000 per year, while the top 10% can make as much as US$ 299,000 per year.

2 – Internists

These physicians are trained to diagnose and perform non-surgical treatment of injuries and diseases that affect or damage the internal organs. These may include medical problems related to diabetes or heart disease.

Internal medicine practitioners can treat a large variety of diseases that affect the internal organ systems and mainly provide health care services to adults.

The average salary for internists is around US$ 203,328 per year. At the least, you can expect to make around US$ 141,000 per year, while the top 10% earn as much as US$ 295,000 per year.

3 – Psychiatrists

Psychiatrists are trained to diagnose and treat several different types of emotional, behavioral, and mental disorders. These specialists are trained to conduct medical laboratory and psychological tests to diagnose and treat patients.

The average salary of a board-certified and experienced psychiatrist in the United States is around US$ 236,209 per year, while the salary may range between US$ 211,669 and US$ 264,222 per year.

4 – Emergency Medicine Physicians

Emergency medicine physicians usually work in hospital emergency rooms or urgent medical care facilities.

These professionals are trained to stabilize patients before treating them. The type of patients these professionals handle includes those injured or suffering from an acute ailment.

Once the patients are stabilized, they are admitted so other specialists can evaluate them before being released.

On average, a trained and certified emergency medicine physician in the US can earn up to US$ 297,700, as most psychiatrists tend to make anywhere between US$ 253,800 to US$ 348,700 per year.

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5 – Obstetricians/Gynecologists

An obstetrician and gynecologist specializing in treating disorders that specifically affect women. These women’s healthcare specialists care for patients before, during and after pregnancy. Gynecologists normally treat conditions that involve the female reproductive system.

Most physicians combine this specialty, while others choose one of the two – obstetrics or gynecology. These professionals are trained to perform a large variety of tests, sexual health exams and surgical procedures.

The average earning power of an Obstetrician and Gynecologist in the United States is around US$ 204,855 to US$ 187,200 per year, while the salary can range anywhere between US$ 160,000 and US$ 311,000 per year.


As the country faces an extreme shortage of trained physicians in several specialties, a career in the healthcare industry is not only fruitful but also immensely satisfying.

Make sure to consult with your peers and mentors at the medical school to decide on the best type of high-demand medical specialty for you.

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