Maryland Board of Nursing Certification

Maryland Board of Nursing Certification Maryland Board of Nursing Certification

Maryland Board of Nursing Certification – Overview

The Maryland Board of Nursing supervises the state’s Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Registered Nurses (RNs).

According to a report by the Nursing Database, Maryland currently has more than 73,080 registered nurses and around 13,530 licensed practical nurses.

The Maryland Board of Nursing also supervises Certified Nursing Assistant licenses.

In some instances, acquiring a CNA certification is a step toward becoming a certified RN.

Aspiring nursing students need to complete this designation to finish their training, according to state licensing laws.

LPN License Requirement in Maryland

The educational requirement to become an LPN is a high school diploma. The aspiring LPN should then enroll in a practical nursing program, approved by the Maryland Board or a similar program that has approval from another state’s licensure board.

The Maryland Board also allows graduates from registered nursing programs to sit for the NCLEX-PN exam and get licenses to work as LPNs.

NCLEX-PN and Other Application Processes

Aspiring nursing students will need to get certified as CNAs and satisfy all training requirements. Upon graduation, the student should apply to the Maryland Board of Nursing to sit for the NCLEX exam.

To request an application for NCLEX, or resolve a query, you can email the Maryland Board of Nursing at

There are several steps in the licensing process. You will first need to have your fingerprints registered with the Board. The Board prefers candidates go to a police facility that has electronic fingerprinting equipment.

To do this, make sure you follow the instructions precisely on the Board website at

A postcard needs to be stamped during this process. This becomes evidence that you have successfully completed the fingerprinting process.

Once the fingerprinting process is completed, you will need to meet the other requirements to become eligible to appear for the NCLEX exam.

The fee for taking the NCLEX exam is US$ 200, payable to Pearson VUE at

LPN for Endorsement Candidates

Maryland Board of Nursing Certification

Maryland Board of Nursing Certification – LPN for Endorsement Candidates

You will require an email address to complete the endorsement application online. For this, keep a passport-size photo handy.

You can learn specific instructions to fill this form and the tool required to crop your digital photo on the Board website at

Applicants from out of Maryland can practice on a temporary license while they await the results of the mandatory background check. Such candidates do not need to undergo the fingerprinting process if they follow the instructions correctly.

In such cases, the candidate will receive a purple-colored postcard from the local police station during the fingerprint check. This is evidence that the step has been completed.

If you are living out of state, then you can mail your criminal background check results to the website at [email protected].

The application fee to request a temporary or permanent license is US$ 140, however, you can need to pay only US$ 100 if a temporary license is not required.

RN License Requirement in Maryland

To become a registered nurse, you should first enroll in an approved nursing training program. Conventionally, Maryland Board approves programs situated within its borders, just like other states.

There are several in-state programs at the ADN and BSN levels. Out-of-state programs are accepted as long as they are significantly equivalent. Candidates from out-of-state programs not equivalent may need a preceptorship from

Students who are enrolled in clinical programs in the state should be certified as CNAs while they fulfill their requirements. A background check is part of this process.

The licensure application is significantly simple and can be handled by your medical school at the website

If you are a nurse and have LPN, then you can choose the LPN to RN program in Maryland. Presently, there are two major online LPN to RN programs in the state that the Board approves.

You can choose to complete your LPN to RN program at the Chamberlain College of Nursing for an associate’s degree, or the Indiana State University for a baccalaureate-level degree.

Application for NCLEX-RN

Once you graduate as an RN, you need to appear for and pass the NCLEX-RN exam. To do this, you need to apply to the Board to take this exam. You can request an application at

Even if you have undergone background checks during lower-level programs, you will still need to undergo another background test to get licensure.

You should make sure to read the NCLEX Candidate Bulletin. You also need to pay US$ 200 as a registration fee at

These exams are scheduled on an ongoing basis. Still, you should make sure to take the exam during the time frame approved with the Authorization to Test.

The graduate status of the candidate will allow them to work while the licensing process is underway. Thus, graduates can continue to work under their CNA license.


The Maryland Board of Nursing conducts the NCLEX-RN exam to grant practice licenses to eligible nursing professionals. A license from the state’s nursing board is mandatory if you want to work as an LPN or RN in the state of Maryland.

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