6 Home Relief Grants in Ohio

Home Relief Grant Ohio – Overview

Home Relief Grant Ohio – These are the grants that help people who are behind on their utility bills.

These bills can be anything from electricity, sewer service, or home rent. Moreover, the grants help the state lower the problem of homelessness.

Nowadays, various action agencies work with the government to provide grants to help needy people.

So, here in this post, we will discuss some of the suitable home relief grants available in Ohio.

If you are seeking help from the government, you are advised to read the following post carefully.

Home Relief Grant Ohio- Read the Complete List

1. Ohio State Government Home Relief Grant

The Community Action Agency acts as a mediator between the government and residents who receive a portion of the funding.

Ohioans who cannot pay their rent, bills, mortgage, and other utility bills can receive funding because of this grant.

However, the important thing to note here is that if the bill amount exceeds the water or sewer services, funding is used to maintain or prevent shutting off the service.

The crucial point to remember here is that if the bill amount exceeds the cost of water or sewer service, financing is utilized to keep the service running or from being cut off.

2. CARES Home Relief Rental Assistance Program

The CARES Home Relief Rental Assistance Program is for you if you live in Lorain.

This grant benefits Lorain residents who are behind on electricity, water, and other utility bills.

Similar to the previous grant, the landlord receives a grant directly from the agency. However, the landlord must provide a W-9 form and verify the standing amount.

Residents who live under 200% federal level poverty qualify for this grant.

For more information, you can visit https://www.lccaa.net/programs/

3. CAAHRG Home Relief Emergency Services Program

Ohio also provides the CAAHRG Home Relief Emergency Services Program with a coalition of local communities and working agencies.

The grant aims to assist tenants who lack the financial means to pay their utility bills, rent, etc.

You can find some additional information on their official page https://pathwaytoledo.org/


These are some resources tenants can locate to pay for their bills, mortgage, rent, and other utilities.

Users are advised to follow the official website for the exact information about the respective grants or programs. It will further help you in the application process.

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