$25,000 Grants Received by Northern Light Health for Healthcare Access for Marginalized People

Grants Received by Northern Light Health for Healthcare Access for Marginalized People

In the 2021st century, people tend to live a modern life. However, only a few know about the actual condition of the healthcare industry in rural areas. Rural areas lack transportation facilities. People of rural areas do not get proper medical services due to a lack of basic facilities.

Today, Northern Light Health received a $25,000 grant to improve the healthcare industry. The grant’s money will be utilized for easy healthcare access for marginalized people.

People of rural areas need proper medical services and other resources. Not just medical services but the people of such areas have to suffer extreme hunger due to a lack of transportation services. They are unable to buy the essentials as they can’t reach out to the cities.

Pfizer came forward to help the people who do not get transportation services and other basic healthcare services. The $25,000 grant was allotted to Northern Light Health from Pfizer and the Institute of Healthcare. The money will be further invested in social determinants of health and processes of data.

What are Social Determinants?

Social Determinants is a way of life where people can live, work, learn, and play together to keep their health good. Social activities can improve one’s overall health as it acts as a medicine. This will be taught to the rural communities where essential and basic services are not available.

About Northern Light Health’s Aim

Northern Light Health community aims to improve health outcomes for all communities. The organization works for a range of communities and they are committed to providing their services to each of these communities and their people to improve their overall life.

Many healthcare organizations are working together to help them know the actual conditions of the patients as per their environment! Healthcare organizations play a key role in improving the health of backward communities and minorities.

Now, Northern Light Health will analyze the data and ask the healthcare organization to find out the reasons behind their current health conditions. They will further help such communities get easy access to various medical facilities and clinics through easy transportation services.

They will design a mechanism that will connect the people with different resources. This means shortly, such communities will get proper treatments and better facilities that can be easily available. The organization will utilize the data collected by the healthcare organizations with the help of technology and technology devices.

Northern Light Health’s MD, vice president, and chief quality officer, Navneet Marwaha, has briefly explained the utilization of these recently received grants from Pfizer. The above explanation from the MD of the organization shows how visionary and bold steps they are about to take just to improve the healthcare access of the communities.

healthcare organizations

healthcare organizations

The grant received by Northern Light Health is highly competitive and it was one of three recipients that participated in receiving the grant’s money. Northern Light Health has received this Quality Improvement Award, which they will utilize in the following ways.

  • Improve Primary Care Practices by working with them. This will help them reach screening and achieve the desired target.
  • New recruitments to participate in the Quality Improvement Projects. The Quality Improvement Projects will be subdivided into different categories for improving and strengthening the overall healthcare structure.
  • Establishment of a new multi-dispensary system level to see the responses to SDOH screening and referrals.
  • Simplify the workflows of SDOH screening and referrals by providing quality improvement support through best practices and documents.
  • Implementation of electronic health records to keep an eye on the community records and patients’ records for easy access to various resources. The same data will help the organization to implement clinical trials in such communities.
  • Establishment of a platform for the communities where they can get proper services, information, and other services through easy integration.

What is the period of this Project?

This healthcare improvement project is a 15-month project. The project will begin in September itself and the received funds through Pfizer will be utilized for various subjects listed above. The key to having a robust screening of the patients will definitely improve the healthcare industry as this is the community that doesn’t get proper treatments and healthcare services from the Federal Department.

Northern Light Health is focusing on improving the overall health of every manner. This makes them the number one contender for receiving this competitive grant. Without technology, this project can’t succeed. Technology will be used to store and analyze the data and keep track of the patient’s information.

MBA president of Northern Light Beacon Health, Carrie Arsenault, has openly thanked Pfizer and IHI for believing in them and offering them the grant money of $250,000. The organization aims to make Maine a healthier place for all types of people and communities.

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