Grants for Adults With ADHD

Grants for Adults with ADHD Grants for Adults with ADHD

Grants for Adults with ADHD – Overview

Students diagnosed with ADHD face many challenges. Are you one of them and looking for grants or scholarships for your college education?  Don’t worry. Students with ADHD can find several scholarships and grant programs to get a college education.

Grants for adults with ADHD are listed below. Before we jump onto the list of grants for adults with ADHD, let’s collect useful information about this common mental disorder that is growing rapidly across the globe in children and adults.

What is ADHD?

ADHD is a short form of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It’s a common mental disorder problem that is growing among children and adults rapidly. Those suffering from this disorder face several problems, such as holding attention, impulsive hyperactivity, lack of focus, etc. This disorder is unnoticeable; however, it needs proper treatment to cure the patient.

Grants for Adults with ADHD

Grants for Adults with ADHD

Grants programs for adults with ADHD

Grants for adults with ADHD are programs run by federal departments and independent organizations to provide financial support to those suffering from this mental disorder.

Most students suffer from ADHD disorder. Students and adults must go through the available resources from where they can get financial assistance to cure this disorder and complete their education. Students can achieve their career goals by seeking scholarships from such resources.

The diagnoses of ADHD have seen drastic growth in the last couple of years. This learning disability is growing in students and adults. Compared to previous years, this disability doubles in today’s time. Thankfully, the federal government offers several grants to such students and adults.

Government-funded grants offer financial help to students for their college careers. It should be the priority choice for every student who wants to study further and are from a low-income family.

Let’s check out the federal grants available for students.

1. Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant or FSEOG, is for students who need financial assistance for further study. The universities and colleges offer grants under their financial aid department. It is a campus-based grant and is associated with the federal department.

Students who need financial aid should fill in the application form and submit it immediately. The grant offers financial aid of $100 to $400 to needy students. The grant’s money is limited and for that reason, students to apply as fast as possible.

2. Grants From States Government

Besides FESOG, each state offers scholarships and grants to underprivileged students from low-income families. Resident students must approach the state government’s department and ask for the grants or scholarships available. If yes, they should know about the application process and apply for the grant or scholarship.

3. Disabled Person, Inc.

Disabled Person, Inc. organization holds a competition every year for students with different types of disabilities. The winning applicant earns grant money of $1000. Students will be asked to write a 1000 words essay on a given topic.

4. Learning Disorder Resource Foundation

The learning disorder resource foundation is yet another platform available for students and adults with ADHD. The foundation offers a variety of opportunities and resources to get the required financial assistance.

5. Incight Scholarship

Incight Scholarship offers $500 renewable awards to students with learning disabilities. It is also associated with other programs that help students with financial needs.

6. Justin Eves Foundation Scholarship

Justin Eves Foundation Scholarship is exclusively designed for Canadian Students. The organization offers financial aid of $3,000 to needy Canadian students for their careers.

7. Shire ADHD Scholarship Program

Shire ADHD Scholarship Program is one of the most prestigious awards or grant programs available for students with ADHD disorder. The Edge Foundation manages the program. The organization offers $2,000 in grants for students to pursue further education. Moreover, students also receive free counseling and career coaching throughout the year.

Who is Eligible?

ADHD Grant is a mental disorder grant and those suffering from a mental disorder or related disabilities or health conditions should apply for the grant. ADHD students and adults first explore the available resources as there are hundreds of resources on the web for students and adults can seek financial help.

In the following conditions, adults and students can receive the ADHD grant or scholarship.

1. Physical Disability

If the person is not able to use a wheelchair or do other basic physical activities, then he can apply for the ADHD grant or scholarship program.

2. Learning Disability

If the person has some learning disability or any such condition, he can apply for the grant.

3. Temporary Condition

For a temporary condition, students can apply for a scholarship grant for financial help.

4. Mental Health

If the mental health of a person is not stable, he can apply for a grant to receive proper treatment. Anxiety and depression are the two most common mental health conditions that many students and adults face in different phases of their life.

5. Chronic Illness

If a person is suffering from diabetes or hypertension, he can apply for the grant under such conditions.

How Can I Apply?

Suppose you have explored the given resources and other resources from the web and found your eligibility. In that case, you can simply apply for a particular grant program or scholarship program.

You will be asked to fill in the application form, which requires your personal information such as your full name, your age, your sex, your education, your cell phone number, address, and other family background-related details.

Once you have filled out the form, submit to proceed further. Then after, you will be asked to upload the documents. All organizations do not offer this procedure. However, you can still upload the docs if the application process has this feature.


Grants for adults with ADHD help adults and students get proper treatments to overcome this mental health condition. Not everyone is financially blessed. If you explore the web, hundreds of such resources are available from which you can get financial assistance quickly. Go to the web, search for the queries and find out even more resources to cure ADHD.

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