What You Should Know About Golden State Grant Program?

Golden State Grant Program Golden State Grant Program

Golden State Grant Program – Overview

The Golden State Education and Training Grant Program (GSETGP) is aimed at supporting and encouraging individuals to enter, continue and complete college and job training programs.

This program is designed specifically for individuals who have lost their jobs and livelihood during the pandemic.

The GSETGP program was approved and funded in the 2021 California Budget Act, using one-time federal COVID recovery funds to offer a one-time financial incentive. Around 50% of the funds will go to individuals who are responsible for caring for dependent children, namely student parents.

Since the program’s approval, the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) has devised a phase-in strategy that focuses on outreach and making funds available to specific populations of individuals. The program intends to expand its outreach to other populations on a quarterly basis, all through 2022.

Under this program, eligible applicants can receive up to US$ 2,500 in funds from the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC).

Eligibility Criteria for Golden State Grant Program

Golden State Grant Program

Eligibility Criteria for Golden State Grant Program

The eligibility criteria for the Golden State Education and Training Grant Program require an applicant student to:

  • Have lost their employment due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Have been unable to find an equivalent paying job since losing the last job
  • Not enrolled in a training or education program at the time of loss of job
  • Meet the income and asset requirements as stated for Cal Grant A eligibility

For a successful application, you need to be enrolled but there are no minimum unit requirements or any satisfactory academic progress criteria. Non-credit students are eligible for this grant amount and can apply.

Application for Golden State Grant Program

The application process to receive the benefits of the GSETGP began in March 2022. If you fulfill the specific eligibility requirements, then you will need to apply only by accessing the official website at https://gsetg.csac.ca.gov/landing.

Initially, you will be asked to log in to your existing CSAC account. If you don’t have one, you will need to create a new CSAC account.

If you are a student with FAFSA or California Dream Act application on file, then you do not need to provide proof of financial condition. Students who are without financial aid applications on file will however need to complete a short, supplemental application form that can verify financial eligibility for this grant program.

The application form requires you to enter details about whether you or your children are receiving support from your local CalWORKS program. If you do, then your application will bypass the need to enter income and asset details.

Once you have successfully completed the application process, this is how your application is treated:

  • The California Student Aid Commission will process the application
  • The Financial Aid Office will then verify and report the student’s enrollment to the Commission
  • Students funded will be contacted once their check is in and the students will need to come into the Financial Aid Office and present their valid government-issued photo ID to receive their check.

Remember, checks usually arrive at the campus around 6 to 8 weeks after the school verifies and reports the student’s enrollment to the Commission.

FAQs About Golden State Grant Program

Let’s check out some common FAQs inquiries about the Golden State Education and Training Grant Program:

What if I don’t get my check?

USPS shipment usually takes between 5 and 7 days. If your check has not arrived even after 2 weeks of the expected delivery date, then you will need to call the GSETGP office directly at 1-866-312.3100 and enquire about its status.

Where will my payments be mailed?

Checks are mailed to the address that the student entered on file in March 2021. If you need to update your address, then you will need to call directly at 1-866-312-3100. Remember, the address update will not affect the address for your program status but only for the one-time payment.

Will my new address be updated for other programs?

No, when the Commission updates the address on file, it will only affect the delivery of this one-time payment. To update your new address for other programs, you will need to contact your local program office or case worker.

How will I receive my check if I don’t have an address on file?

You will need to decide where you would like your check to be mailed if you do not have a permanent residential address on file. You can easily do this by calling directly at 1-866-312-3100.


The Golden State Education and Training Grant Program is an excellent initiative by the California state government. This grant is aimed at helping deserving individuals with financial aid and assistance to help them complete their college education or job training so they can find meaningful employment and become contributing members of society.

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