$44 Million Awarded in Grants by CDC

Grants by CDC to address health disparities Grants by CDC to address health disparities

Grants by CDC – Overview

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has awarded $44 Million to the Georgia Department of Public Health and the Fulton County Board.

The CDC has awarded a total of $44,133,376. The covid-19 outbreak has affected the lives of every single individual. To address Covid-19 related health disparities, CDC has decided to provide the fund as grants to GDPH.

Centers for Disease Control

Centers for Disease Control

From the given grants, $2.25 Billion is there for nationwide investment in different sectors. The fund will be distributed to strengthen and expand the health department’s capacity and services across the state. The health departments associated with the territorial area, local, state and freely associated state will be granted to receive the fund.

Centers for Disease Control is the largest investment to date aims to improve the health equity of the United States.

“These grants demonstrate our steadfast commitment to keeping equity at the center of everything we do,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky, said.

“They are an important step in our unwavering efforts to strengthen our communities’ readiness for public health emergencies — and to helping everyone in America have equal opportunities for health.”

The outcomes from the allotted grant money are listed below:

  1. The grant is allotted to reduce the Covid 19-related health disparities across the state. Starting from rural to urban areas, the money will be distributed to health departments to improve the overall services and treatments.
  2. The same fund will be distributed to improve the testing and contact tracing among populations. Contact tracking will be conducted broadly across the locations which are at higher risks. It will also improve the testing in rural communities where healthcare facilities are not easily available.
  3. As discussed above, to improve the overall services and department capacity of health departments across the state.

Covid 19 outbreak has collapsed the healthcare infrastructure of many states across the US. To support the frontline workers and the infected people, the allotted money will be used to expand the services including the treatments for Covid-19 infections.

The outcomes from the allotted grant money are listed below

The outcomes from the allotted grant money are listed below

The Covid-19 spread can be stopped by making people aware. Furthermore, contact tracing and quick testing are also crucial to find out who is infected so that he can’t infect other people around. CDC aims to prevent and control Covid-19 infection across the State.

Health departments are doing their best to control the Covid-19 infection; however, due to a lack of resources and services, they are unable to manage it.

By providing the much-needed financial aid through grants, the health department’s services and capacities will be increased. This ultimately prevents the Covid-19 infection across the state.

“The pandemic has laid bare longstanding health inequities, and health departments are on the front line of efforts to address those inequities,” Dr. José T. Montero, director of CDC’s Center for State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial Support, said.

“These grants will provide these health departments with much-needed support to address disparities in communities that need it most.”

Testing at a higher level is crucial to prevent and stop the infection of Covid-19.

CDC is improving the testing and contact tracing by focusing on populations of rural communities and underserved areas of minorities. The allotted grant will reduce the testing fees and provide quick access to information and services to those who can’t afford them.

The post-infection effects of Covid-19 also need to be checked. According to a recent study, over 25% of Covid-19 infected people face mental health problems.

CDC also helps those who face such issues post-treatment by providing mental and physical health care by providing the required resources.

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